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Goofy Phallic Marketing Art?

August 8, 2020

The Banana Manor is enveloped in banana trees. I LOVE them. They are an integral part to my little slice of paradise. But to those of you that have not had banana trees before, they require quite a bit of work. Worthwhile effort but effort nonetheless.

If you don't cut the clump of bananas with the large purple flower, this often times leads to the tree toppling from the weight. Hence the bananas and flower in the pic.

We usually chop down all of the trees before the first freeze and fill up a dumpster with them. Otherwise there is a major mess to deal with. All of the lush green banana plants are gone, but in the spring they grow back like that infamous beanstalk of Jacks.

New Orleans had a mild winter so we didn't cut the trees down. In hindsight, that was a mistake. Part of the brick sidewalk on the side of the house is now at an almost 90 degree angle as a result of one of the tree stalks getting so thick that they are pushing a huge chunk of the brick sidwalk away from the base of the plant.

The problem is it got so tall, it had grown into the electrical power lines above. Fearful of pulling down the lines if I cut the tree, I instead let it grow for a few more weeks to make the situation even more dangerous. The impulsive man I am, I said screw it, grabbed the machete and chopped it down and ran like a coward in case the power lines came down with the tree. 

As a raging creative, it hit me as I was wacking the limbs and bananas from the stalks, that this was some great raw material to use as a backdrop for some Banana Manor pics. Including an American Beauty inspired pic I will share in the next blog.

My extremely creative 13 year old daughter then orchestrated this pic, that a friend of mine commented as being a great piece of "Goofy Phallic Marketing Art". I don't think this is what my daughter had in mind when she composed the pic;)