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Made to Order Rugs from India

Axel Rose said it best. "I need some patience...oh yeahhhhh." 

Historically in home furnishings, having a custom rug or any type of home furnishing made was for a consumer that understood the quality that came with doing so and had the ability to pay the premium that came with this privilege.
In the 2020 Amazon-minded mentality of immediate gratification, there are those that understand waiting for something special. Something made specifically for them is MUCH more powerful than the immediate gratification route.
As a rug retail disruptor, the Banana Manor Direct from India to your Door model brings you a paradigm shift in pricing.
Not only can you save crazy money having a custom rug made, but you are also having a custom rug made for YOU! Think about it. Pretty cool huh?
Made to order. Shipped Direct to Your Door from the Weaver in India. Fo’ FREE.
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