The Banana Manor Story


My first 10 years as a Home Furnishings Importer were with three high end family wholesale businesses. I could not believe that people were paying retail for the items that were already expensive at wholesale, before they were marked up 2-4 times by the Retailer!

It was clear what I had to do. It was simple math. An equation, that I could control. By traveling the world and buying container loads of home furnishings, as I was for our wholesale businesses, but instead of wholesaling to a retailer that will mark up the product to sell to YOU. I instead decided to cut them out, eliminate that layer of markups and sell direct to YOU.

So for the past 20 years I have been cutting out the middle-man markup as the leading direct import retailer in Louisiana, providing shake your head in disbelief, EXTREME VALUE.

With Banana Manor I am bringing that equation tweaking concept to another level, but with a rug category focus. With a strong dose of an omnipresent secret ingredient to keep it fun. What is the secret ingredient? Well my inherent ridiculousness of course.

This joint venture with an Indian Rug Factory is something I started to develop around 18 years ago with my Business Manager in India. He has pushed me since Day 1 to partner with him. The explosion in e-commerce of home furnishings, due to Covid, was the catalyst that made it finally happen.

Tanveer grew up in Bhadohi, India, the Rug Capital of the World and owns & operates a Rug, Pouffe & Pillow Weaving Facility there. He has lived and breathed this product since childhood as a 3rd Generation Rug Manufacturer.

He produces the goods offered by Banana Manor, that we together sell direct to the consumer online and through our 10,000 ft² Rug Factory Outlet in Uptown New Orleans.

This is as straight from the source as it gets and with every layer of overhead eliminated allowing us to sell direct and for you to SAVE BIG.

In the form of an admittedly politically incorrect brand, for those that find joy & passion in fun, laughter & beauty, I present to you my curated offering of Stylish, High Quality Rugs, Pouffes & Pillows, Humorous Home Decor & MORE.

  • Buy off of the Floor from the Rug Factory Outlet.
  • Purchase “In Stock in New Orleans" items online and they will be To Your Door in 4-10 days.  
  • Or select a rug from our “Made to Order Design Studio”, that we will make specifically for YOU.
  • “Made to Order Rugs” take between 3-6 months.
  • Give yourself a pat on the back. You truly are “Buying SMART”.
  • India Direct Prices with Big Easy Customer Service.
  • We also import containers of Moroccan Rugs, Pouffes & Pillows and Cowhide Rugs from Brazil to add fun layers to the mix.
  • Speaking of fun...check out our collection of (often inappropriate) "Humorous Home Decor".