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Our standard pricing is off the charts good. Straight up "We are the Factory Prices". Along with your Trade Discount, the margin you can make selling rugs from Banana Manor can be HUGE and is completely up to you to decide. As we ship you rugs with a generic label that does not display the Banana Manor brand. 

Which means no comparison shopping. You choose your mark-up and I assure you, it can be substantial when you look at what your Client would pay elsewhere for comparable rugs.

Your Clients simply needs to know that "you are buying direct from a 3rd generation weaving facility in India to get them the best possible price". What Client wouldn't LOVE to hear that?

We maximize your margin with Factory Direct Pricing for our "In Stock Rugs" AND for our "Made to Order Rugs" and will make you look like a rock star in the process.

Between our huge inventory of "In Stock Rugs" and the fact that you can have us make ANY rug in any size, shape or colorway, you are able to provide your Clients the Perfect Handmade Rug(s) for far less than what you are currently paying for comparable product. 

Fill out the form below to register for our Trade Program and we will get you setup to start selecting rugs for your Clients within 24 hours!